A Month of Organizing: July

A Month of Organizing: July


Despite these pieces being extremely easy to write given that little to nothing is happening at the moment, I find myself not writing them until late. Maybe because there’s nothing really happening and no urge to report no news. Regardless, July seemed like a hopeful month with several people, including two new people, agreeing to meet up and have a serious conversation about our working conditions. The day itself rolls around and one person showed up. We played cards for three and a half hours and had a good time so that was nice, but it wasn’t really what we were going for. Two changes I’ve decided on going forward is that I’ll set a fixed day (second Saturday every month for example) for our meeting times rather than trying to get a good day from everyone which always felt a bit like herding cats, and I’ll be a tad less cautious in inviting new people to our meetings. I’ll still be careful of course, but I think I was bending the stick too far in the cautious direction. Everyone I invited was basically a fairly close friend. We’ll see if these seeds bear fruit in a few months.

On the Anti-Capital side of things we had a reader contact us with some specific questions about the article Mike wrote about utilizing the category of surplus value to organize at work. It was rather exciting to have someone reach out to us again after begging for people to do so. I’m sincerely hopeful that some kind of collaboration can emerge from this contact.

Until next month.

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