Do We Sound Desperate Yet? (We Are)

Do We Sound Desperate Yet? (We Are)


I have a problem. I’m quite shy and find it difficult to initiate conversations unless I have a mandate to do so. It’s not exactly a flattering quality to have when you’re trying to organize the working-class. Lately, I’ve gotten over this problem by giving myself mandate to talk to people. Of course, it’s then that I’ve realized I haven’t given myself mandate to point blank ask you, dear reader, to submit something to Anti-Capital. Sure, I used Summing Up At The End to beat around the bush about it, coyly suggesting that you should engage with and expand our project, but lets cut straight to it shall we? We want, we need your submissions to Anti-Capital. We don’t consider your submissions to be anything less than an attempt to engage in common work with us. We aren’t intransigent with how we’re doing what we’re doing either, maybe your engagement with us amounts to telling us that our approach is doomed to failure and that you have a better idea. We’re willing to listen and entertain such ideas. Moreover, we’re willing to have discussions with you about your personal situation at work, school, union, or elsewhere and get creative with you on ways you could best affect change. We’re willing to read and offer feedback on any articles or ideas you would care to send our way. Don’t assume that we’ll think your idea(s) are stupid or too poorly developed to warrant consideration. We’ll help you refine them and collectively achieve a better understanding of whatever topic is under consideration. Maybe you have no idea how to contribute to our project but have the desire to do so. Reach out to us anyway, we’ll figure something out. We want contact with you, human being reading these words, we want to build a network. We want to discover that two (or more) of our readers are trying to engage in the same struggle in roughly the same place and then link those struggles together. We want to follow appropriate security culture when doing so, of course, but we are interested in further translating our virtual Marxism in to revolutionary egalitarian class struggle.

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