Painfully Clear to the Casual Observer

The court recognizes no difference between school children and clay pigeons, and acts to maintain the supply of both.

Translated Notes

Make no mistake, world revolution, or world war, is what is on the table in Ukraine right now.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

If the perpetrators of these mass shootings in the US were black, there’d be more gun control laws passed, enacted, and upheld by the Supreme Court than anyone could count.

Happy Hour at the Anti-Imperialist Bar and Grill

While you were out, or in, World War 3 started because that’s what capital demands; that’s why nations exist.

Clash of the Anti-Imperialist Right-of-Self-Determination Leninists

We’ve gone from “self-determination” and “anti-imperialism” to… class-collaboration, to the brand new same old.

Then and Now, Here and There

The war in the Ukraine is a war for the European market. Marxists have no interest in defending any of the contesting parties, including the government of the Ukraine.

The Big Mash-Up

  • No “self-determination” for breakaway territory.
  • No division of the Ukraine into separate states.
  • No support to the Zelensky government
  • For a unified workers’ socialist Ukraine
  • Withdrawal of Russian troops.
  • Disarming of all nationalist militias, in all regions
  • Immediate cancellation of World Bank programs and loans pending review by workers’ commissions
  • Immediate cancellation of all US/NATO weapons shipments and military assistance to the Ukraine
  • Immediate suspension of all EU funded projects, pending review by workers’ commissions

Here Comes Your 14th, or 15th, or 16th…19th Nervous Breakdown

Follow the money: who benefits if Biden succeeds in fomenting war with the Russian capitalists over the Ukraine? The US liquified natural gas producers, that’s who.

A General Strike Without Organization is General Nonsense

The Year(s) In Review


Here are answers to questions you might never ask.

The Social Relations of Distancing

On ‘left’ Anti-Vaxxers


When you’re dealing with a plague, the rats are bad, sure, but it’s the fleas that kill you.

Moment, Motion, Impulse, Imperative

Class struggle against capital, for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie, is the synthetic imperative of Marx’s critique of political economy and historical materialism.

Marx Against Buddha

A review of Dr. Ambedkar’s “Buddha or Karl Marx” written by request.

Against Democracy

The relations of power, of property and class, shred the ideology of democracy.

Walking the Dog

Endorsing the “progressive” moment of capital’s tremors as opposed to the regressive moment is the abdication of class consciousness, is the trickster’s way of disavowing reality.

Snug as a Bug in an Igloo

The continuing discussion about fictitious capital.

Current Fiction

At a certain point, for Marx, critical economics is supposed to “dissolve itself” into class struggle. And when it doesn’t do that?


With the election already certified by the states, Trump had to do more than simply lie, threaten, and insult. 


This is the way the bourgeois republic ends, with its “defenders” moving to a place of safety.

The plague follows.

Back to Back

The thousand groupuscules, all imagining themselves the next Black Shirts can’t wait for 2024. And they won’t.

Bangs and Whimpers

This notion of “American democracy,” a “peaceful transfer” of power, has always depended on the adequacy of the law, of “representative” institutions to the task of protecting private property. They are no longer adequate.

unHerdof Immunity

Herd immunity is the same thing as keeping concert-goers confined in a stadium with an active shooter, waiting until the shooter runs out of bullets

American Pie

The militias, the white supremacists, the police with and without badges are not going away.

Notes From an Anarchist Jurisdiction

“Work at home” is the theory; homelessness is the practice.

Rock Down To Electric 5th Avenue

I’ve seen the future and it ain’t Kenosha, it ain’t Charlottesville.  It’s Jonestown.

{Problems with the…}(Law of)Value, (Production) Price(s), and (Average rates of) Profit: Part 2

(Law of)Value, (Production) Price(s), and (Average rates of) Profit: Part 1

The transformation problem is not a problem for Marx. It is a problem for capitalism.

Contributions from Readers

On Education and One Big Wage

Helicopters For Breakfast

The murder of George Floyd is not an isolated incident.

Annihilation Utopia

Heroes out, workers in.

Permanent Counter-Revolution

The bourgeoisie have already begun implementing the opposite of our below program.

How Do We Get Out Of This One

Programmatic response to the Covid-19 crisis. And again in French here ( Comment sortir de celui-ci )

Archie and Jughead At Work

The bourgeoisie aren’t the first ruling class to prove themselves unwilling and incapable of controlling a pandemic, but they sure are going to be the last.

The Emperor’s New Virus

Sanders is the Death Star

Against Commune

Beginnings of a critique of Commune magazine

A Certain Stage of Development

An era of revolution and counter-revolution

What’s Good For the Price of Oil…

How the violent oscillations of oil prices reflect the totality of capitalist relations

A Month of Not Exactly Organizing: August

Twelve Years and More, 2012-2013

A continuation of the series

Shooter Capitalism

A Month of Organizing: July

Making the World Safe for (New) Democracy

On the 2019 general elections in Greece

A Month of Organizing: June

A Month of Organizing, Victories and Failures

Ash Monday

On the Notre Dame fire

The Advantage of Organizing in a High Turnover Workplace

Report Back from an Anti-ICE Protest in NC

You Can Always Tell

For forty years, the profitability of oil production has been a leading indicator for capitalism. Despite what the Council of Economic Advisers or the Fed tells you, this time around is the same time around in the same circle as last time.

Blue Wave, Red Tide

On the 2018 mid-term elections.

Special Bulletin (relevant articles in italics)

One Big Wage

The Communist Strategy

From Surplus to Over Production

The Shadow Recession

Moving Forward from DC

After the nazi-right failed to mobilize in DC, how we can move forward.

Prophesy from Portland

Reflections on the fascist demonstration in Portland August 8th, 2018

August the Month of Terror

On the planned fascist demonstrations in America August 2018

Report Back From a Families Belong Together Event

The Impossibility of a Socialist Representative Without a Workers’ Party

On the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The Ministry of Cruelty

Mass Action in the Air

By the end of May, 300,000 private sector workers will submit strike ballots. As statewide strikes by public school workers continue to spread across the country, dozens of workplaces– big and small– in a variety of industries are idled by strikes. Mass action is a distinct and definite possibility right now.

The 100,000: May Day 2018

The state of the class struggle in the United States on May Day 2018. Over 100,000 workers on strike since January 2018.

Of Trade and War

Deficits are secondary to overproduction

Sparks Into Flames

After West Virginia, the strike wave continues to spread across the United States: strikes by teachers and other public school workers are carrying strike fever to other sectors, trades and categories of workers.

The International Women’s Strike

Millions of women took to the streets and picket lines on International Women’s Day 2018. The struggle has many similarities to the Day Without Immigrants strikes and demonstrations.

Not All Strikes Are Created Equal

An analysis of the end of the public school strike in West Virginia and continuing coverage of the ongoing strike at Frontier Communications.

Bookending the Working Class

The Janus Case and unionized labor

2 Strikes, 1 Struggle: The Significance of the Communications Workers Strike in West Virginia

At 12:01am March 4th, 1400 communications workers struck statewide in West Virginia and in Ashburn, Virginia. There are now 2 statewide strikes ongoing in West Virginia, one in the public sector, one in the private sector. Mass action is a possibility and ‘Strike’ is the watchword.

7 Days Out

Report on day 7 of the statewide public school workers’ strike in West Virginia and the rejection by the workers of the first settlement.

West Virginia Teachers To Strike

West Virginia public school workers of all trades, both union and non-union, have voted overwhelmingly for a statewide strike.

The Friends of Enemies

Attacks on migrants are attacks on workers as a class

Net Neutrality Does Not Protect the Internet for the Working Class

Consumers are unimportant, classes are.

Don’t Cry For Me, Catalonia

Class Struggle vs. Secession

Puerto Dolor

The Disaster is Social, not Natural

For the Creation of a Workers’ Committee for Workers’ Aid

Following a disappointing showing after the Durham statue toppling, an attempt to redirect efforts towards working class organizing.

Why we are not anti antifa; Why we are anti-anti antifa

Clear as can be

Report Back from and Critical Analysis of Triangle People’s Assembly

Report Back from Durham: Statue Toppling

After Charlottesville

Charlottesville, Results and Prospects

Out The Window

Libcom?  Did I really write something about Libcom?

(Great) (White) Hope(s) Spring(s) Eternal

Tsipras?  That’s so yesterday.  Get with it.  Corbyn’s the one.

Grenfell Burning

Arson isn’t just a metaphor.

Congress Must Act!

Save the 2nd Amendment; restore full benefits to the Congress.

State of the Class Struggle

Report on the state of the class struggle in the United States on May Day 2017.

The Hardest Thing

Just because you’re right, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be smarter.

Following Up, or Down

Lending a hand to the Northstar.

Dogs, Licensed

On the attacks upon immigrants.


What is Trumpism?

In the Beginning…..

The ghost of the slaveholders’ republic

Of Blind Spots and Bollocks

Here it comes….

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