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For an average production worker workweek of 41 hours, wages and benefits are recuperated in the first 8 hours.

Dismal Sciences

As difficult as it might be, we should keep Marx’s encounter with  uneven and combined development in focus when dealing with those on “either side” of the conflict in Ukraine.

This Is The Modern World

The war in Europe is a war for hydrocarbon markets. The war will not end without the revolutionary defeat of NATO, Ukraine, the US, the EU and Russia.

Mini-Issue of Anti-Capital

Into The DSA With a Program of Struggle

The Devaluation of Reason

In its politics, the shelf-life of capitalist “democracy” depends on the stability afforded the small property-holders.

Starting Your Own SoMF Chapter

Using a bookclub as an organizing tool.

Latest Issue of Anti-Capital

Anti-Capital #16

Announcing The School of Marxist Fundamentals

A one credit hour course designed to inculcate the fundamentals of Marxism to the pupil.

The Poverty of Breadtube

An honest critique of Breadtube which includes suggestions for improvement.

Class Power at the Gallow’s End

A critique of the theory and practice of Angry Worker’s World.

On Class Part 1: Working-class Versus ‘Middle-class’

How the material conditions produce the ‘middle-class’ state of mind.

Announcing the Or Does It Explode? Podcast

Now we’ve got an actual podcast.

A Breath of Life

Another Anti-Capital status update, this time with good news.

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