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The Ministry of Cruelty

Mass Action in the Air

By the end of May, 300,000 private sector workers will submit strike ballots. As statewide strikes by public school workers continue to spread across the country, dozens of workplaces– big and small– in a variety of industries are idled by strikes. Mass action is a distinct and definite possibility right now.

Latest Issue of Anti-Capital:

Anti-Capital #11

May 9, 2018

Penny Arcade

Fresh from his inspiring success in Greece, Yanis Varoufakis modernizes the Communist Manifesto.

The Origin of a Workplace Organization

A retrospective analysis (and lamentation) of an experience organizing in the workplace in the absence of any connection to a wider workers’ movement.

Police Then and Now

An historical comparison of police in ancient Sparta and modern police accompanied by a look at what we can do.

On the Equality of Necessity; On the Necessity of Equality

The commodity, labor power, and the necessity of  abolishing wage differentials.

Step Forward

Why the legacy of “backwardness” requires the most radical, egalitarian, advanced solutions.

Workplace Submission 1

Report from a factory worker in the United States on the conditions in his workplace.