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Bangs and Whimpers

This notion of “American democracy,” a “peaceful transfer” of power, has always depended on the adequacy of the law, of “representative” institutions to the task of protecting private property. They are no longer adequate.

unHerdof Immunity

Herd immunity is the same thing as keeping concert-goers confined in a stadium with an active shooter, waiting until the shooter runs out of bullets

American Pie

The militias, the white supremacists, the police with and without badges are not going away.

Latest Issue of Anti-Capital

Anti-Capital #15

At Least If We All Die the Capitalists Die Too

On the social significance of the impending climate collapse

Twelve Years and More, 2

A continuation of the analysis from Twelve Years…and more (Part 1)

The Limitations of the Wage Demand

Also the limitations of the political struggle

Do We Sound Desperate Yet? (We Are)

A cry for help