Foolin’ Nobody

It is abundantly clear to us, and most probably to you as well, that Anti-Capital as an e-publication has ceased to exist. Let this serve as notice that we are not fooling ourselves about this fact, nor do we intend on fooling you that we believe our original mission is still on-going. If you remain interested in following the writings of S. Artesian, if he chooses to continue to write, he will be posting them to The Wolf Report, and if you are interested in keeping up with the other various projects that have become associated with Anti-Capital, you are free to reach out to Broletariat either by contacting him directly through discord (Broletariat#9893) or by joining the School of Marxist Fundamentals. We reserve the right to resurrect Anti-Capital at a later date if circumstances change.

Latest Bulletins:


Here are answers to questions you might never ask.

The Social Relations of Distancing

On ‘left’ Anti-Vaxxers


When you’re dealing with a plague, the rats are bad, sure, but it’s the fleas that kill you.

Latest Issue of Anti-Capital

Anti-Capital #16

Announcing The School of Marxist Fundamentals

A one credit hour course designed to inculcate the fundamentals of Marxism to the pupil.

The Poverty of Breadtube

An honest critique of Breadtube which includes suggestions for improvement.

Class Power at the Gallow’s End

A critique of the theory and practice of Angry Worker’s World.

On Class Part 1: Working-class Versus ‘Middle-class’

How the material conditions produce the ‘middle-class’ state of mind.

Announcing the Or Does It Explode? Podcast

Now we’ve got an actual podcast.

A Breath of Life

Another Anti-Capital status update, this time with good news.

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