Past Issues of Anti-Capital

Anti-Capital #16

Announcing The School of Marxist Fundamentals

A one credit hour course designed to inculcate the fundamentals of Marxism to the pupil.

The Poverty of Breadtube

An honest critique of Breadtube which includes suggestions for improvement.

Class Power at the Gallow’s End

A critique of the theory and practice of Angry Worker’s World.

On Class Part 1: Working-class Versus ‘Middle-class’

How the material conditions produce the ‘middle-class’ state of mind.

Announcing the Or Does It Explode? Podcast

Now we’ve got an actual podcast.

A Breath of Life

Another Anti-Capital status update, this time with good news.

Anti-Capital #15

At Least If We All Die the Capitalists Die Too

On the social significance of the impending climate collapse

Twelve Years and More, 2

A continuation of the analysis from Twelve Years…and more (Part 1)

The Limitations of the Wage Demand

Also the limitations of the political struggle

Do We Sound Desperate Yet? (We Are)

A cry for help

Anti-Capital #14

March 1, 2019

Summing Up at the End

An Anti-Capital progress report, or, why the hell did this edition take so long.

Twelve Years…and more (Part 1)

A summing up of the movements in capitalism from the 2000’s to the early 2010’s; draws connections between the economic distress and political reaction.

The Revolution Will Not Be Livestreamed

The task at hand for us is not to build an online base, but a real base among the working class.

Averaging Up or Averaging Down, But Always Averaging

An average wage already exists, why not explicitly recognize this and struggle to raise it?

Anti-Capital #13

August 10, 2018

Let them out; Let them in

Labor, Product, Value

The Migra State

Open Letter to the Founders and Activists of the Labor Party of 1996

The Organic (de)Composition of Capital

The SPGB and the Centenary of 1917

Audio Library

Anti-Capital #12

June 20, 2018

Overthrowing the Law of Value

The domination of the living by the dead is the law of value, what does the control of the dead by the living look like?

Pump Up the (Overproduced)Volume

On oil, overproduction, and fracking ugly.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Report back from May 16th NC Teachers’ Strike

The Relativity of Surplus Value

There is a connection between the productivity of labor and surplus value, but it may not be quite as simple as Marx states.

Those Damn Blue Collar Tweekers

Occupational drug use is tacitly supported, at least some of the time.

Warehousing Anguish

The story of members of Teamsters Local 264 members in New York suffering under a new mutation in the fight against defined-benefit pensions.

Workplace Submission 2

Reflections on work in the building services industry in the public sector.

Anti-Capital #11

May 9, 2018

Penny Arcade

Fresh from his inspiring success in Greece, Yanis Varoufakis modernizes the Communist Manifesto.

The Origin of a Workplace Organization

A retrospective analysis (and lamentation) of an experience organizing in the workplace in the absence of any connection to a wider workers’ movement.

Police Then and Now

An historical comparison of police in ancient Sparta and modern police accompanied by a look at what we can do.

On the Equality of Necessity; On the Necessity of Equality

The commodity, labor power, and the necessity of  abolishing wage differentials.

Step Forward

Why the legacy of “backwardness” requires the most radical, egalitarian, advanced solutions.

Workplace Submission 1

Report from a factory worker in the United States on the conditions in his workplace.

Anti-Capital #10

March 30, 2018

To the Teachers of West Virginia

Anti-Capital’s open letter to the public school workers of West Virginia following the strike of February-March 2018.

The State of My Workplace, and Probably Yours

Brief summing up of the workplace conditions I experience.

Makings of a Strike Wave

Conditions in the class struggle since 2016 have culminated in the potential for a strike wave in 2018. The 2 simultaneous statewide strikes and 1 lock-out in West Virginia in February-March signal a new development for the working-class in America.

The Back Story

A look behind the latest capital expansion

The Workers’ Party and Ideology

A contribution to frank and honest discussion about the form of the political party for the working-class.

Two Hundred and Counting

Fröhlicher 200 Geburtstag, Karl

In Defense of the Dictatorship

Affirmation and defense of the dictatorship of the proletariat in the present.

Anti-Capital #9

March 9, 2018

Rockin’ the Boat

Maritime transport and its doldrums

A Circle of Circles (Part Two of n)

A continuation from the first part, now looking at the different moments of production as interconnected.

Calculating Surplus Value to Facilitate Workplace Organizing

How can you apply categories of Marx’s critique of political economy– socially necessary labor time / surplus labor time — to organizing in the workplace?

Impermanent Revolution

A review of Loren Goldner’s Revolution, Defeat, and Theoretical Underdevelopment

Anti-Capital #8

January 26, 2018

Anti-Capital, Anti-Crisis

Why Marx doesn’t over-value crisis

Value, Anti-Value

It really does all begin, and end, with commodity production

A Circle of Circles (Part One of n)

An introductory series looking at Marx’s ideas of modes of production in the abstract and in isolation.

Fugitive Capital

Pondering relative surplus value and the flight of capital

Pink Slip Doldrums

After the crisis of 2007-08, lock-outs were employed liberally by the bourgeoisie. Today, the watchword since Trump’s election is lay-off.

Their Brightest Hour

Undeterred by my past record in making predictions, I make another prediction.

Anti-Capital #7

October 27, 2017

Why the Working Class?

A look at the relationship between Capital and labor and how labor is capable of transforming society from capitalism to communism.


Contribution to the discussion on how and why it is possible to merge different fronts in the class struggle (Note: this article does not represent a consensus among the editors of Anti-Capital).

Lessons of Previous Septembers (and Octobers, and Februarys etc etc), Part 1

From the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 to Operation Dixie

Short Notes on the Longer Term

Recognition of the historical significance of the Russian Revolution.

Anti-Capital #6

August 18, 2017

Class Matters

A look at why the petty-bourgeois’s position in society renders them hostile to the working class with an exploration of the Teamster’s union.


More on the Facebook/Amazon/Netflix/Google nexus

Some Thoughts on Anti-Capital

Observations from a reader of Anti-Capital.

$4.5 Millones y Una Deportación

La historia de una victoria de los trabajadores en la que la unidad entre los trabajadores de la custodia de los inmigrantes y los ciudadanos en sus luchas culminó en $4,5 millones en salarios y la compensación diferida aumenta.

¿Lo que acaba de suceder?

The New Heretics

A contribution from a reader of Anti-Capital which reaffirms the necessity of a critique of political economy in the social atmosphere that has prevailed since the crisis of 2007-08.

A Critique of a Critique

Notes from an outsider on the polemic between the Red Party and Workers’ Offensive groups.

Contact Anti-Capital

Anti-Capital #5

July 21, 2017

$4.5 Million and a Deportation

The story of a workers’ victory in which unity between immigrant and citizen custodial workers in their struggles culminated in $4.5 million in wage and deferred compensation increases.

Four Fangs

On the Facebook/Amazon/Netflix/Google Nexus

Let Me Tell You About Communization

Me and Chairman Bob

The Struggle to Defend Socialised Healthcare

A contribution from a reader of Anti-Capital on the nature of attacks on workers’ health care as an attack on the class as a whole.

Anti-Capital #4

June 16, 2017

Helping Each Other is Not Enough

Why “serve the people” is insufficient.

The Limit of the Union-Form

An analysis of what constitutes the limit of the trade union form of organization: sacrificing the interests of the minority for the majority of members within the organization, and sacrificing the interests of the majority of workers outside the organization for the interests of the minority within it.

150, 100…Zero

History matters.  The publication of Das Kapital and the Russian Revolution.

Comments From Berkeley

A contribution from a reader of Anti-Capital that relates their experience in the anti-fascist struggle in the streets of Berkeley, California.

Anti-Capital #3

April 21, 2017

Straight Outta…….Texas

Common origins and the convergence of  anti-labor, anti-immigrant, racist attacks.

Content, Processes and Forms of Labor’s Class Struggles

An exhaustive critique of the International Communist Current (ICC) pamphlet “Unions Against the Working-Class”.

Their Tactics and Ours

Evaluating the then present situation of antifa and fascist forces

Self-Defense Training as a Necessity and As An Organizing Tool

Common Work: Considering 1917 in 2017

The unspoken legacy of October 1917 and its tangible relevance for the socialist movement in 2017 is in the life story of Ivan Babushkin, a Bolshevik factory worker shot dead by a Tsarist punitive expedition in 1906.

Anti-Capital #2

February 23, 2017

(Dys)Function at the (Con)Junction

Where we are and how capital got us here.

Activism vs. Slacktivism A False Dichotomy

Learning how to walk the line between armchair Marxist and useless activity

Reciprocal Solidarity

The perspective of reciprocal solidarity is the recognition of the particular interests of segments of the class and the process of locating potential links within the class struggle. The synthesis of these particular interests into actions which reflect the interest of the whole class is fundamental to success in both local struggles and on the international terrain.

Do Something

A plea for others to utilize the energy generated by the election of Trump to organize the working class. Also an introduction to Red Tutors

The Perils of Christine

Criminal, stupid, criminally stupid– nothing says “IMF” better

The Purpose of Intervention: A Discussion Text

The experience of socialist intervention in the class struggle is not unilateral– it affects both socialist and non-socialist workers through the shared experience of such intervention.

Anti-Capital #1

January 4, 2017

What Just Happened

Trump?  And us?  You know who Trump is, but who are we?

Eight Years Since 2008 (and Still Broke)

The story of Appalachian metalworkers, Occupy Century Aluminum and the experience of workers in America since the crisis of 2007-08.

Practical Physical Preparation

Learn how to train to run quickly.

Mal de Mer

There’s not enough Dramamine in the world for this.

Neighborhood Solidarity Leagues

How do we begin building the capacity to defend ourselves collectively?

An Autopsy of the Wisconsin Uprising

How do we interpret the class struggle in the midst of a sudden spike in action and apply this interpretation to practical political activity? A review of the Wisconsin Uprising.

Summing Up at the Beginning

What we intend.

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