Summing Up at the Beginning

Summing Up at the Beginning

We don’t intend Anti-Capital to be just another exercise in virtual Marxism.  And we’re sure all those exercises in virtual Marxism didn’t intend to turn out that way either.

What will make Anti-Capital different? What will make the difference?  Not to put too fine a point on it, some of what we do, and a whole lot of what you do.

This is our first issue.  We already have plans for the second issue.  We have planned for it to appear at or near the end of February 2017.  We have started work on a number of reports for that issue.

We have plans for a third issue and a fourth, fifth………. n issues, however many issues it takes until Anti-Capital  is no longer just a publication but a program embraced by the working class for that class’ emancipation of all laborers from the cage of value production.

Getting to n is going to take some doing.  We’re going to need a bit of help.  More than a bit, we’re going to need the help that surpasses our own efforts, our own plans.  That’s where you fit in. Or don’t fit in.  Maybe you develop a better format, a better means to a shared beginning.  Maybe you develop better, more thorough, more embracing critiques that make, mediate, quicken the transformation from criticism to class action. Find a way, find a better way, and we’ll be there.

We won’t know, until you try.

We welcome, invite, request, solicit, require, your contributions to issues  3, 4, 5………..n.
We welcome, invite, request, solicit your comments to the Anti-Capital forum on Red Marx.

You can email us at

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but dissatisfaction is the recognition of necessity.  Doesn’t matter how much we do, we are and will remain, dissatisfied as long as it’s we and not yet all of us.

January 4, 2017

Please direct all comments to this Red Marx thread


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