Summing Up at the End

Summing Up at the End


What We Intended

In our very first edition two years ago we wrote.

“We don’t intend Anti-Capital to be just another exercise in virtual Marxism.  And we’re sure all those exercises in virtual Marxism didn’t intend to turn out that way either.

What will make Anti-Capital different? What will make the difference?  Not to put too fine a point on it, some of what we do, and a whole lot of what you do.”

So how have we done?

I can’t speak for Mike or Arty, but I’ve introduced my co-workers to Anti-Capital and used it as a basis for conversation. We now have monthly meetings to discuss work place issues, and I hope to utilize the loose organization to form something more concrete, something more bent on struggle. I think we’ve transcended, even if only in minutia, the title of virtual Marxists.

But are we different? Different from the dozens or possibly hundreds of various leftist, socialist, communist, Marxist, and others blogs, podcasts, discussion groups, youtube channels, subreddits, websites, and others?

I’ll have to sadly answer no, we are not. While we briefly received an echo of our ‘program’ identifying the three-pronged attack of capitalism on the working class in America today, that echo has apparently faded and failed to propagate. Hell, we’ve even lost stable contact with Mike who was one of our more prolific writer/editors. He may get his affairs in order and rejoin us, and we may find that our ‘program’ of One Big Wage begins to resonate further, but today we are just another blog on your blogroll.

The bitter truth is that we have, so far, ultimately failed to achieve any sort of significant response, much less coalescence, among those fighting for working class liberation. The signal to noise ratio is absolutely mind bogglingly loud. You can barely hear your own thoughts if you were to scream them aloud. Writings thrown in to cyberspace without the backing of real life actions and organization cannot help but be treated as simply another blog in the blogroll.

“Necessity may be the mother of invention, but dissatisfaction is the recognition of necessity.  Doesn’t matter how much we do, we are and will remain, dissatisfied as long as it’s we and not yet all of us.”

Is what we wrote two years ago, and we are more dissatisfied than ever. The necessity is, as it has been, to build working class organs of struggle. We thought it possible to utilize the internet to help precipitate such organs. We have so far been proven wrong.

Despite the title, I won’t say we are finished here at Anti-Capital, but our output will certainly reach a glacial pace until something changes. Whether Mike comes back, whether you, dear reader upon whom we have always placed all our hopes, desires to engage and expand with our project, or whether my personal project of organizing at work begins to take off, something must change for us to resume normal operation.


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