We all remember during the initial eruption of Covid 19, the idiocy, callousness, insensitivity, and incivility of the then president Donald J. Trump.

No doubt about it, Trump, true to form, embodied all the brutal mixture of entitlement and ignorance that has defined the US even before it was the US and ever since that combine of merchants and slaveholders wrote “we hold these truth to be self evident.” Trump brought it forward to the modern era with his multiple filings of bankruptcy.

He was, and is, more and worse than just a jerk. And he’s not close to being the worst of it. There is no bottom to the barrel that capital is always scraping. What was, is, the worst were all those to whom the Big Nothing gave license– those proud boys, oath-takers, 3 percenters, Waffen SS admirers, psychedelic goons and thugs who thought January 6th was half-time, and they were the entertainment.

When you’re dealing with a plague, the rats are bad, sure, but it’s the fleas that kill you.

Which brings to mind the memory of something else. Back then during the administration of the uncivil ignoramus, when hospitals were overflowing with the infected and ICU occupancies exceeded 95 percent, FEMA and the Army Corp of Engineers organized, constructed, installed emergency medical facilities in NYC, LA, Chicago, Baltimore, Escondido-San Diego to handle Covid 19 cases. Remember that?

So…why hasn’t the Biden administration, the civil, cooperative, intelligent, sensitive, science-guided Democratic government, dispatched FEMA and the Army Corp of Engineers to….Florida, where between August 2 and August 8, ICUs were at 90 percent capacity with 40 per cent of the beds occupied by Covid patients; or….Louisiana with ICUs at 82 per cent of capacity; or Texas with ICUs at 90 per cent capacity; or Mississippi with ICUs at 85 per cent capacity?

Does the fact that the infection is racing through the unvaccinated mean these people are less entitled to medical care? Is it because these, and other, states won’t enforce or allow masking requirements, that those infected can spend the time they do or do not have left in corridors of hospitals without the proper level of medical attention?

Is this Covid socially different than the others? No longer afflicting the poor, those with underlying conditions, those who have to risk exposure in order to work? Is it only striking the class enemy? Of course not.

Trump & fleas undermined and sought to dismantle the public health infrastructure because public health, the very notion of social responsibility, is anathema to the abstract bullshit ideology of free markets and the concrete primitivism of private property. It costs. It benefits them, those others, even some of the brown and black and red, and females, too.

Biden & fleas disregard the principle of public health, that the remedies and therapies must be to all, for all, by all regardless of race, gender, religion, color, wealth, rank for the health of the public to be protected.

Sure, the FEMA hospitals were, for the most part if not entirely, nothing but a grand empty gesture, barely utilized, hardly mattering in suppressing the outbreak. But what is bourgeois politics but grand, and empty, gestures? What after all was the election of Biden but the grandest of emptiest gestures? How could it be anything other when the vote replaced the walking representation of the US’s history of scam, flim-flam, meanness and pettiness, with a man who persevered, survived, and succeeded in the institutions of the US government precisely because he was a walking zero?

So the point is that it doesn’t matter who the president is, who runs the Senate or the House, because the institutions of the presidency, the congress, the courts serve capital. Those institutions performing that service and for that capital are the mortal enemy of the public and its health.


August 10, 2021

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