Rock Down To Electric 5th Avenue

Out In The Street

1. Mafia Don, the CRO (Chief Racketeering Officer) of the world’s chief racket (the US family of Cosa Capitalista) had said, and famously: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and I wouldn’t lose voters.”  The Democrats, of course, didn’t take him seriously, but Mafia Don knew better. He knew he could get away with it:  the Department of Justice had opined back in the day of Nixon that a sitting president could not be indicted, and god knows most of what Mafia Don did, he did sitting.  All he had to do was nail down four years and then four more years, then who knows how many more years?  Piece of cake.

Radicals thought Mafia Don had forgotten to qualify his assertion with: “…as long as the person shot is black, or brown, or gay, or transgender or of indeterminate gender, or Moslem, or Sikh mistaken for Moslem, or Hindu mistaken for Sikh mistaken for Moslem, or wearing a surgical mask, or asking for a Covid test.”  Jewish?  Not yet.  “There is no hurry.  There’s plenty of time and plenty of them.  They’ll keep,” thought the CRO.

2.  Mafia Don, channeling Herman’s Hermits, didn’t know much about history, but he did claim to be an A student.  Unlike Henry Ford who said “history is bunk,”  Mafia Don knew that the history of the big bunco called the United States was on his side, for what could be more American than shooting people the world over and more-than-getting-away with it?  “Bringing the wars home,” said Mafia Don tipping his hat to his baby-boomer origins.  

Mafia Don’s followers, the not-nearly-majority amalgam of evangelicals, cuckolds, gun worshipers, conspiracy theorists, hedge-funders, capitalist paranoiacs (as if there were any other kind), small, medium,  and large television economists, television preachers, television frat boy pundits, white supremacists, cops, ex-cops, future cops, wannabee cops, gatekeepers of the gated communities, defenders of the drive-thru drive-ins, racketeers of all types, were eager to find out if the presidential immunity would cover them.

3.  In their best camo and khakis, helped by law enforcement top–the attorney general in DC, and law enforcement bottom– the deputies in Kenosha, Wisconsin tossing water bottles, these oh so thirsty members of the pisher’s militia, asked:

“Hey Dad, can I borrow the AR-15 tonight?  I promise to refill the clip before I come home.”

“Sure thing, son,” said the father, tossing the lad the keys to the gun rack.  “Chip off the old block,” thought the old man, “even if he does spend way too much time in the basement on that computer thing.”

Wisconsin was the Koch Brother’s very own outdoor laboratory; their very own island of Doctor Moreau where they might conduct their experiments in deconstructing society with relative impunity.  The objects of the experiment had attempted resistance in 2011;  rebelling against being decapitated and atomized, but these objects froze and backed away from actually becoming subjects; stayed their own hands from the life struggle the Koch Brothers had initiated, the struggle for power.

You know what you get when you contain a general strike in a union container?

You know what you get when the strikers don’t articulate the needs and demands of the more and most poor, the more and  most oppressed, the more and most attacked, the more most neglected as their own needs and demands?

You know what happens when you think the Democratic Party is your ally?

What happens is defeat.

What you get are night-riders and cops shooting black people, brown people and protesters. Wisconsin 2011 begat Wisconsin 2016 begat Wisconsin 2020.

4.  Stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot someone and get away with it?  Of course he could, and he’s proved that.  Shooting “someone” and getting away with it?  Some one?  Come on, get with the program, boys and girls.  This follicle-implanted, hair-sprayed, man-tanned oaf has already killed 180,000 through his unparalleled incompetence, and has been applauded for his great achievement by a government of the lackeys, by the lackeys, and for the lackeys.

Crazy, yes?  No more crazy than awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to the previous occupant of the Oval Office, who then rolled out a program of “death by drone” with a subsequent dramatic increase in civilian casualties.  Crazy, yes.

Incompetence is the ruling class’ big-ass assault rifle, and it’s on full automatic mos’ def’.

Deposit surgical masks here, before jumping off the cliff.

I’ve seen the future and it ain’t Kenosha, it ain’t Charlottesville.  It’s Jonestown.

5.  “There are so many lies that truth and swindle can scarcely be distinguished.  That is best for us at the moment.”–Joseph Goebbels

You want to know anything about anything in the political economy of capitalism, including the abolition of slavery, the suppression of Radical Reconstruction, the rise of Jim Crow, the defeat of the Philippine Revolution, the importance of lying, disinformation, confusion to the reproduction of capital, follow the money.

Follow the shaving of truth, the political equivalent of the ancient practice of shaving coins,  that makes the swindle and the swindler so essential to the everyday functioning of capitalism.   What “imperfect knowledge,” “market inefficiency” are to arbitrage, that is to say “cash flow;”  confusion is to the regime of con artists, asset strippers, red liners, that is to say life’s blood.

Suppose, just suppose, you took a short position (as if the serial bankrupt can ever take any other position).  Suppose you take a short position against the…..yen, the yuan, the euro, the pound sterling.  Do you use your own money?  Of course not.  That’s one.

And for two–  Do you wait for the accumulating contradictions to reach a degree of expansion and intensity that breaks through the “normality” of the trading range?  You can’t do that; that’s taking a long position.  You have to manufacture, generate, exacerbate, intensify, exaggerate the accumulating contradictions to break the “normal,” to break through the trading range and profit from your position.  So rumors, lies, disinformation, conspiracy theories, are simply weaponized positions in the market; designed  not solely to destabilize, but to take advantage of the destabilization so intrinsic in the process of exchange.

Alex Jones, QAnon, shake invisible hands with Ayn Rand, Ken Lay, Tom Barrack, credit default swaps, and Trump University.

So… there begins the attack on all things retaining the scent of (bourgeois) reason, (bourgeois) rationality,  (bourgeois) impartiality,  (bourgeois) secularism, none of which have ever been very robust, very secure in the (bourgeois) order.

This is the origin of a faux-radicalism that attacks anything non-ideological as “fake;” that subjects everything secular to a religious test; that “shorts” the institutions of “order,” so that disorder, real or imagined, can be identified as a “threat” requiring suppression; that imagines a “deep state” of entrenched self-interest opposed to the self-interest of a corporate state.

Like we didn’t know the FBI was a bunch of liars, falsifying evidence, manipulating investigations?  Really?  Did IQs drop drastically after the death of Fred Hampton?

Climate change? Environmental protection? No such things.  An ideology designed to cripple US polluters to the advantage of Chinese polluters.  Business has a god-given right and need to dump coal ash in rivers, and flare off enough natural gas to daily power Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles.  Petrochemical plants can’t be burdened with keeping carcinogens from seeping into ground water, or the atmosphere.  Besides those plants are often located near or within black communities….you see what I’m saying?

World Bank, World Trade Organization, NATO, NAFTA?– bad deals, designed to screw the US bourgeoisie and inhibit their chance at screwing everybody else twice-over the world-over.

Corona virus?  A hoax.  A plot.  A hoax and a plot, but he’s on it. Here’s a recipe for a bleach gargle.  Next task, get the NIH, FDA, CDC under control by destabilizing them, by imposing ideology, by undermining any scientific conclusions drawn by such organizations.   Cheney showed the way.  We follow Dick.

You cannot have an ideology without  having lackeys to spread it like gospel.  They go together, lackeys and ideology.  Like love and marriage.  We Americans have never lacked for lackeys.  Stephen Hahn, MD presente!

This is the real Big Short.

6. So we are here, lost in the no-longer anchored Mall of the Americas, where the lights are on, but everybody’s stuck at home.  

Mafia Don, always the bunco artist at heart, thought he could grift a page from the great helmsman’s notebook and mobilize the countryside against the cities.  Egomaniacs from Jefferson to Duterte love to wax poetic about the virtues of the rural life against the godless ways of the city and its population.

The play to “rural America” included the “industrial village” areas, like Kenosha, once an automobile manufacturing center– once meaning before the “conservative revolution” of Ronald Reagan that gutted the agricultural and industrial communities of the Midwest and continued  through and beyond the general collapse of 2009.

In 2010, Kenosha Engine was closed and set for demolition, bringing an end to over a century of automobile related production.

Ex-manufacturing center, with declassed workers nostalgic for the very regime that condemned them and their factories; with population loss and coincident economic decline haunting the rural areas of which we are so proud, so admiring;  with overall declines in farm income since 2013, the Kenosha area was the perfect environment for the “new order” where the valorization of real estate plays a critical role in establishing and liquidating the  “profitability” of information technology services, professional and managerial services,  hospitality and leisure services. Kenosha is close enough to commute to, but far enough to feel safe from, the urban centers of Chicago and Milwaukee with their concentrations of black, brown, and poor.

In 2016, Kenosha County became Trump country! by the slimmest of margins.

Today? With unemployment triple the level of six months ago; with the “new economy” of information, professional, and leisure services absorbing body blows to income and employment levels; with agriculture income down again (collateral damage in the trade war against China, the county in 2020 will go for……..

It doesn’t matter.  All the Democrats can offer is a return to “normalcy”–  MANA: Make America Normal Again.  What’s “normal?” Is normal the normal of drone strikes and invasions?  Is “normal” the recession and bankruptcies where the government bailed out banks and industries, while hundreds of thousands settled for reemployment at fifty to sixty percent of their previous earnings?  Is “normal” the “traditional” gap between the earnings of women and the earnings of men?  Is “normal” the old-time inequality where corporate executives only made twenty-seven times the earnings of the “average” worker?  Is normal “yesterday’s” differential in household wealth between African-American and white families, as opposed to today’s?  Is “normal” the way the US used to raid workplaces and deport migrant laborers as opposed to today’s way of arresting and deporting migrant laborers?

The jinni is not only out of the lamp, the lamp has been kicked over, and the fire is raging.  Ain’t no more normal anymore, and it won’t be coming back.  This “aberration” of capitalism, with its aberrant behavior by a coalescing mass of aberrant forces is  the result of the previous “normalcy” of mass incarceration of African-Americans; of the church and state sponsored terrorism against women’s reproductive health; of the brutal exploitation of migrant labor; of asset-liquidating “private equity” takeovers; of the looting of pension plans.

We oppose all voter suppression not because the elections will change the direction of capitalism, but because voter suppression is how the state has organized itself against the struggles of the poor, the oppressed, the disenfranchised.  We oppose all voter suppression as a means to mobilize those poor, oppressed, disenfranchised against that state power; for exactly the same reason that we oppose all “Right-to-Work” Laws; for exactly the same reason we oppose all attacks on migrant laborers; in order to attempt a mobilization of the workers as a whole class in opposition to the totality of capitalist power.

Sorry Tommy, ’21 isn’t going to be a good year, but if we work real hard, we have the slimmest of chances.  That slimmest of chances will prove to be more than enough.


August 28, 2020








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