Moving Forward from DC

Moving Forward from DC


On August 12th, a second attempt at a Unite the Right rally was held in DC. If you hadn’t already heard, the turn-out from the nazi-right was pathetically small, with only around a dozen in attendance. On the flip-side, the working-class was able to mobilize on the side of thousands of people. Game over, we’ve crushed the nazi-right? Not hardly.

Capitalism itself breeds the nazi-right, and as long as capitalism exists, the nazi-right will continue to fester even if we are currently capable of putting down its most abhorrent manifestations. Capitalism, being based on the exploitation of the working-class, requires armed goons able and willing to violently break-up the organizations intended to improve the living conditions of the working-class. This violence must be somewhat targeted, however, as capitalism does require the working-class in order to function. The ‘problem’ for capitalism is finding the targets and breeding a force to destroy it. This explains why you can find persons of color among the nazi-right, the real reason for the destruction is the suppression of the working-class, the racism and bigotry is just the excuse for the destruction. This is something the working-class is beginning to recognize once more.

“It is our duty to let our fellow workers know that Fascism, White Supremacy, and its organizations have only ever existed to divide us as workers and do the dirty work of the Boss Class. The White Nationalists have always been bought and paid for by those in power, they exist not to fight for any ideal, but to destroy the progress made by us as working class people. That is why the Sioux Falls AFL-CIO voted to Ban all Fascists and White Supremacists from our organization.”

We should, of course, note that this is the same AFL-CIO which continues to harbor police unions within its ranks. Any disavowal of racism by the AFL-CIO can only be hypocrisy while they protect the nearly undisguised white supremacy of the American police force. The demand to expel racists from unions inherently includes the expulsion of the police force from our unions as the police force is a racist institution.

So we have successfully chased the nazi-right more or less out of the streets. They’re still going to keep trying to do the whole politics through street-violence tactic, so we’re still going to have to defend ourselves, but we no longer need to devote such a large amount of resources towards that front. What’s next?

Our last bulletin concluded by saying that we should support our street tactics with economic strategies, and that is where we should continue to focus our efforts. We can leverage our success as defenders of the community from violence to also defend our fellow workers from the predations of poverty. If the nazi-right’s true purpose was to suppress and destroy the organizations of the working-class, then their defeat signals the ‘all-clear’ to begin building up the organizations of the working-class.

We wanted the nazi-right off the street because we wanted to rid ourselves of their violent attacks on the working-class, we were successful and now we need to turn our attention to the more ‘traditional’ problems which plague the working-class. Low-wages, job insecurity, insufficient healthcare, poor housing conditions, underfunded schools, police violence, and environmental destruction are a few of the issues which we must be prepared to address. The wide range and variety of problems which confront the working-class necessitate the creation of a workers’ party capable of acting as an organizing center for all of these varied efforts.

To conclude I would like to swing to an entirely different note. After the demonstration in DC, I awaited the various reportbacks and analysis that one could usually expect to find on websites such as It’s Going Down or LibCom. I was met with fairly stunning silence and forced to rely on capitalist media outlets in order to take a glimpse at events on the ground. We need to normalize the process of providing a report-back after events such that the broader working-class can learn from the experience. Further, we need to lessen our reliance on capitalist media outlets by building our own. Of course, immediately after having typed the above, a report-back has surfaced on IGD, the point remains.

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