Let them out; Let them in


As soon as the President vowed never to allow the establishment of migrant camps in the United States, he turned around and asked the Pentagon to do exactly that, establish migrant camps within the perimeters of US military bases, although maybe Trump meant on those bases outside the US: “Create 2,3, many Gitmos.”

There is no immigration crisis at the southern border of the United States, other than the one created by the government when it decided to incarcerate all those seeking refuge in the United States.

Extrapolating from the statistics on “capture” records, unauthorized entries into the US are at the lowest levels since the 1970s.  Yes, the recent eight months saw a 17 percent increase over the same period a year earlier, and if you wonder what accounts for that, try this:  record low unemployment rates.   And try this: record job openings in the food service and hospitality industries, the areas where migrant laborers most often find employment.  The pull of job openings might have something to do with the recent uptick.

Here’s the thing.  Migrants aren’t attempting to enter the US in order to rob, or steal, or take anybody else’s job.   The migrants are seeking work and safety, and they’ll take the work nobody else wants if it affords them the safety.

So here’s the thing.   This isn’t about any sort of economic, social, or cultural threat presented by those seeking entry into the US.  It’s not like the cuisine, language, customs, poetry, histories of the immigrants are going to overwhelm Disney, J. Crew, and Taylor Swift.  This isn’t about anything other than labor, and in particular, the need of the government to increase the repressive forces that can, and will, be mobilized against all labor, migrant and not.

It doesn’t take a neuro-scientist to see the connections of this anti-migrant coalition to the anti-labor coalition to the voter-suppression coalition.  The same players are deploying the same weapons against migrants, against voting rights, and for “right-to-work” laws and decrees.  No less an institution than the US Supreme Court, that seat of infallibility in the Vatican by the Potomac, has made that clear  with its decisions upholding the Muslim ban, the Texas gerrymander plan, and Janus against AFSCME.

The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, but the enemy of my class is always my enemy.

Abolish the Department of Homeland Security

Nobody is illegal

No detention for those seeking entry into the United States

Abolish all voter suppression and voter ID laws

Oppose all right-to-work laws and judgments


Anti-Capital:  https://anticapital0.wordpress.com/



Download pdf format here: LET THEM IN


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