Dogs, Licensed


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1. We’ve had “(put)in like Flynn,” and now we have “(put)out like Flynn.”

We have a new chief executive officer of the bourgeoisie’s state, who got his (political) start falsely claiming that  his predecessor as CEO was not a US citizen, now whining about “fake news” when real information exposes his machinations as being exactly that, self-serving machinations.

We have Kellyanne Conway, everybody’s favorite neo-frau Goebbels, wailing on behalf of the non-victims of the non-existent massacre at Bowling Green vowing to never forget what never happened and to never not-let what never happened happen.

We have Mike Pence, emissary of the Koch Bros to the Empire, Genii of the Genii, cast the tie-breaking vote  to seat Betsy DeVos as the Scribe of anti-Education; then flying off to Brussels to assure the EU that he had their backs, collective, 27 or 28 depending on how you count.

The various officials of the EU already knew that, which is why they kept looking over their shoulders

And…we have Steven Miller, dead behind the eyes, burnt to a crisp behind the contact lenses,  flashing the new  American sign language for the white power generation, “AYAK” and receiving back the thousands of tweets”AKIA,” at hashtag 1488 (standard messaging charges may apply).

Little Stevie, dead behind the eyes, burnt to a crisp actually, was engaging in his favorite role-playing game, “Nazi and Jew,” where he gets to play both, and at the same time.  Abraham Gancwajch, presente!  Gruppe 13, on the ready line.

We have  Donald Trump– groper, locker-room linguist, developer, hotelier, casino owner, serial bankrupt, draft and tax avoider, wrecker–shaming and scooping the established media by being the first, if not only, to report on the  wave of unchecked terrorism perpetrated by immigrants upon the body, particularly the blond and female bodies, of poor little Sweden:  “Sweden?  Who would have thunk?” said the Ancient and Honorable and Mirth-Provoking Imperial Wizard.

Indeed, who would have thunk?

Maybe Flynn, but he was no longer in.  He was out.

At about the same time, those in charge of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had to gird their loins and disinvite Milo Yiannopoulos (born Milo Hanrahan), advocate of man-boy love as long as it’s done in the proper restroom.

Richard Spencer, formerly of Duke University and Steve Miller’s campus big-brother, current Nazi drum-major, bought a ticket and showed up at the conference.  Like Milo, he wasn’t allowed to join in the festivities.  Unlike Milo, he hadn’t been invited.

CPAC couldn’t allow Spencer in.  After all, this is Putin’s year.

Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus took the stage together,  a couple of malevolent munchkins if ever. To great applause, they performed first as  Alphonse and Gaston, as in “After you, Alphonse.”  “Oh no, my friend.  After you, Gaston.”   Then, donning the appropriate costumes, they alternated as Siegfried and Brünnhilde in Wagner’s Ring Cycle, seamlessly.  Except for Bannon’s stubble, they couldn’t be distinguished, or separated. “So bromantic,” gushed Sean Hannity to Tucker Carlson.

The crowd cheered lustily, waving hundreds of the CPAC’s second most favorite red, white, and blue flags– the red, white, and blue of Russia.  Nothing can ever replace the Stars and Bars, you know, as the symbol of conservative patriotism.  Just ask the attorney-general. Nothing says  республиканец like a slaveholders’ rebellion.

2. There’s a bit of the old misdirection in these puppet shows run amok coming out of Washington, DC, the more unintentional, the more better.

While Trump and the Trump-ets play it up, or play it down, stumble, grope, grab, in the dark (Q: How many White House Staffers does it take to turn on the lights?  A: One- the one left over from the Obama Administration), the “real” work of government gets done elsewhere, and by means other than legislation, court decision, or even executive orders.

While Trump plays whack-a-mole and while the Democrats think Trump’s the mole, General John F. Kelly, (retired but  active as), Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security issued two memos that set the course of the plague-ship of state.  This how the governed are governed: by memo.

The two memos are directives to Kelly’s subordinates– acting directors and acting commissioners, acting assistant secretaries and acting undersecretaries, all acting as it seems along with not being able to turn on the lights, the Trump administration haven’t figured out the hiring thing–regarding methods and priorities to be deployed in the execution of Trump’s border security and immigration policies to “serve the National Interest.”

In essence, the memos make every “alien” a criminal suspect unless, and until proven otherwise: “Department personnel should prioritize removable aliens who……(7)in the judgement of an immigration officer, otherwise pose a risk to public safety or national security.”  And… “Department personnel have full authority to arrest or apprehend an alien whom an immigration officer has probable cause to believe is in violation of the immigration laws.” (Memo: “Enforcement of the Immigration Laws to Serve the National Interest,” US DHS, February 20, 2017).

Of course, these procedures are supposed to be carried out according to the provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (1996).  The truth of bourgeois law is not in the authority it bestows; not in the precision of its application; not in the limits circumscribing its execution;  but rather in the license it establishes; in the discretionary allowances afforded to those with badges; in the fuzziness, plasticity, confusion in its execution

The memo establishes a national stop-and-frisk law.

Thus license is established.  License that is exercised by ICE agents to board an airliner after a domestic flight, and compel all passengers to produce identification before being allowed to depart the aircraft.

Thus license is established to enter restaurants, hotels, and other workplaces and require all employees to produce identification.

Thus license is established to detain a professor arriving from France, scheduled to speak at a university sponsored conference.

Thus license is established to detain citizens, like the wife and son of Muhammad Ali, hold them for hours for purposes of………….well for purposes of detaining and holding.

The point of the memos isn’t really about “national interest” or “border security” or even “immigration enforcement.”   Those aren’t goals.  Those aren’t even means to the goals.  Those are propaganda points.  The real goal articulated in the memo on “Enforcement…to Serve the National Interest” is spelled out in section E:  “The Director of ICE shall…take all appropriate action to expeditiously hire 10,000 agents and officers, as well as additional operational and mission support and legal staff necessary to support their activities.”

The memo “Implementing the President’s Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements Policies” (US DHS, February 20, 2017) gets to its point a bit more quickly, in section B:  “Accordingly, the Commissioner of CBP shall…immediately begin the process of hiring 5,000 additional Border Patrol Agents, as well as 500 Air & Marine Agents/Officers.”

The memo also advocates expansion of  the “deputizing” program based on section 287(g) of the INA, which authorizes DHS to authorize officers and employees of states or subdivisions of states “to perform the functions of an immigration officer…”

It should be expected that with the addition of   thousands of new officers with so much more license, arrests, apprehension, and actions for deportation will overwhelm the existing judicial process for determining the eligibility of those  apprehended for deportation, but General Kelly’s got that covered too.  Because so many cases are currently pending on immigration court dockets,–three times the number awaiting adjudication at the end of 2004 (yes, you did, Barack), Kelly intends to “depart from the limitations [regarding expedited removal without right to a hearing]…currently in force.”

Where Danton identified audacity, audacity, and yet more audacity as the key to successful revolution, the bourgeois know that license, license, and more license is essential to counterrevolution.

So…….so what next?

A) No cooperation in the workplace, the schools, the neighborhood, on the tarmac, on subways, with agents/officers of ICE conducting their stop and frisk, search and destroy, strategic hamlet operations. That might mean no one shows any ID.  It might mean everyone, or almost everyone, shows ID. 

B) All workers protect all workers.  Those most at risk get the most protection.

C) No Deportations.  If we can, and we should, stop traffic to prevent a pipeline from being installed, we should, and we must stop the traffic designed to expel immigrants.

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