Congress Must Act!

Congressman Stephen Scalise (R-La) who reportedly described himself as “David Duke without the baggage” was shot and seriously wounded while practicing for an upcoming softball game.

This tragic turn of events only highlights the intolerable delay in the US Congress in repealing the Affordable Care Act.  Since the Affordable Care Act is still law, and the Office of Personnel Management has previously ruled that “Section 1312 of the Affordable Care Act requires that Members of Congress and their official staff obtain coverage by health plans created under the Affordable Care Act or coverage offered via an Affordable Insurance Exchange,” Scalise may have an insurer who might cancel his coverage, withdraw from the exchange, or revoke the policy if and when Scalise changes his residence.

The US Senate must act immediately…  to repeal the Affordable Care Act– and reestablish the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program that will cover members and former members of both houses of Congress and both parties forever, wherever, regardless of preexisting conditions, without caps, and include coverage for dependents up until 26 years of age, regardless of the healthcare available to, or health status of, the population at large.   Democracy demands no less!

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