A Month of Organizing: June

A Month of Organizing: June


The month of June was supposed to serve as the time for our group’s bi-monthly game night, however there was no space available for that game night. This was quite alright by me given that we had missed last months more formal discussion meeting, I would simply take the opportunity to schedule our formal meeting for this month. That sounded nice to me, except some of our members were attending weddings, some of our members were going out of town to visit family, some of our members were in the middle of moving, some of our members were on vacation, some of our members were busy with school. In short, the rush of daily life prevented our meeting once again. For the time being, our organization and monthly meetings are merely a ‘nice idea’ rather than a material necessity for the majority of our membership. I can’t honestly say that I’m terribly disappointed that we didn’t have a meeting this month as I was personally very busy this month as well, and I don’t just mean busy with personal activities. While we didn’t have a formal meeting, I at least functioned to help various members and near members of our circle to keep their head above water on the front of mental health. Going so far as to interrupt my weekly online chat with Arty due to a mental health crisis, I was quite preoccupied helping make life bearable for my fellow workers. While I do appreciate the fact that my friends trust me enough for such things and I do love being able to help, I wish my efforts had been able to build working-class organizational capacity. Hopefully their trust in me can form part of that capacity.

The post is late because that’s all I had to write and I didn’t think it worthy for some reason, but I won’t do that again… probably.

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