A Month of Not Exactly Organizing: August

A Month of Not Exactly Organizing: August


Well as the title might imply this month has been even slower than the last one. I’ll be moving places soon which should make hosting our meetings much more convenient, but it has left me with no time to organize meetings in the meantime. As far as specific updates are concerned, I did notice a potential opportunity to assert some of our interests to management in a very mild way, but it would require ever so slightly more organization than we presently have. Basically the department head likes having regularly scheduled meetings which includes everyone from middle-management to us lowly workers, and at the last one of these meetings the department head revealed to us lowly workers just how out of touch they are with what occurs in our workplace. This led to quite a few people being upset. The opportunity that I see is to extend an offer to the department head to meet personally with them instead of dragging the whole department in to these meetings which most people feel are a waste of time. The formal goal of these meetings would be to exchange perspectives so that I could communicate the plans of the higher-ups to the shop floor, and that I could communicate problems and concerns from the shop floor to the higher-ups. The real goal would be to gather information and quickly disseminate it as well as trying to pressure for higher wages. Now, I understand that this could very easily be one of the more gross examples of unions functioning as facilitators between capital and labor so that capital can run more smoothly, and it is for this reason that we would require slightly more organization. Since we haven’t had any meetings for a while, if I took it upon myself to try and play this role, it is possible that I would be seen as a bit of a traitor. I would instead prefer to bring this idea up to our group at large and have a discussion of its merits and drawbacks and act, not as an individual, but as a representative of our group endowed with a mandate.

As is usual, things are quieter with online organizing than with real life organizing, and moving places has left me with precious little time to write.

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